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"There is No Time For Romance" is our brand new sophomore EP. A little more than a year after our first EP "I'd Die For You" we knew we had to push ourselves forward creatively and artistically. We would spend that whole year growing and learning together as a unit, and pushing each other to become the greatest we could be. We decided to make the entire EP and the art that surrounded it by ourselves. Everything from recording, mixing, producing, mastering, etc. was done by us four. We would spend countless nights working on it, taking it into the studio and then bringing it out to the car at 3am to see if it sounded any good, and then taking it back inside. This eventually became a routine that would continue throughout the night and the many other nights that followed, but those moments are what made this EP special to us. All the highs and lows, the fears and doubts, the times where you want to give up, etc. Is all apart of the process, it might have taken us some time to realize this, but we are extremely grateful for all of that, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This is "There Is No Time For Romance". This is to the future.

Sleep House